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Urban food security and resilience through wastewater



The Aqua-Soil Group achieves water and food security through the re-use of waste streams, which improves the regional green economy, sanitation, drainage, ecology and job-creation without imposing an environmental burden.

The basis of our shared mission is our belief in a green economy with equality for all and an increase in entrepreneurship. The added value of our products and concepts are found throughout the value chain where social benefits around food, water, unemployment and our environment are a starting point for the ASA. Local entrepreneurship and education must be encouraged for ensuring continuity and growth of the delivered concepts and products. It is essential for the connections to be fitting for the local conditions. The provided equipment should be applicable for the local skills and knowledge level so that people are able to work with this equipment. However, these products should not only fit within the local, regional and national legal framework but they should be developed in collaboration with our customers as an end product so that they can be used by everyone.