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Urban food security and resilience through wastewater


In addition to its guarantee for safe food production, the Aqua-Soil Approach also delivers a sustainable contribution for water, ecology, food security, job creation and social equity. The following sum-up the advantages of the Aqua-Soil Approach.


The Aqua-Soil Approach enhances water systems by minimalizing the use of natural water resources and wastewater emissions. The Aqua-Soil Approach results in:


  • efficient water usage;
  • less usage of natural water resources;
  • reuse of wastewater streams;
  • incentive for stronger regional water management;
  • additional funding for water treatment;
  • incentive for adequate sanitation and sewer management.


The reuse of organic waste, wastewater and composting also benefits the environment by:


  • reducing the emissions of wastewater streams on aquatic environments;
  • reducing the total amount of waste on landfills;
  • being an incentive for clearing and cutting alien vegetation;
  • a reduction in the emission of greenhouse gasses.

Job creation


  • approximately 7.000 fulltime jobs for 150 hectares of horticulture
  • employment at various skill levels;
  • education and learning programs during employment;
  • opportunities for entrepreneurship and product development.

Social equity

The Aqua-Soil Approach is predominantly interesting for developing countries and upcoming markets. Important aspects that are anchored in the Aqua-Soil Approach:


  • the production of high quality, hygienic, affordable and safe food;
  • opportunities for capacity building and education that are socially inclusive;
  • promotion of equal work opportunities for women (gender equality)and for minority groups;
  • equal income opportunities  for low-skilled individuals;
  • higher work participation and opportunities for the unemployed.