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Urban food security and resilience through wastewater



The idea of the Aqua-Soil Approach is to implement an integrated vision that goes beyond a single project and existing systems. It is a concept that transcends the conventional boundaries of development to an innovative sustainable business model.

Aqua-Soil Approach works with revolving funding for the development of facilities and support of upcoming farmers. The retail sector pays the horticulturists for their product. The horticulturists have a contract for the consumption of water and a lease for the fertile grounds. The Aqua-Soil Group has an agreement with the municipality for the delivery of waste streams.

The required investments for the construction of diverse components of the Aqua-Soil Approach are done by the ASA-Trust. The upscaling and development of new projects using the Aqua-Soil Approach are implemented by the ASA-Trust.

The ASA-Trust ensures a healthy economic management, which is capable of realising new projects in a short time frame. Verbos Business Development developed the ASA-Trust. Trust managers are appointed at a project level.

The ASA Concept is a legacy for life

The ASA Trust is a development model, which serves as the foundation of the ASA way. It permeates all facets by defining prerequisite criteria to an investment opportunity. Impact investors are invited to join the fund to a build a strong basis for the local development.